Opencast Partners

Opencast has a group of partners that can help you make the most informed decisions when designing and deploying your custom video capture solution. We strive to build a healthy ecosystem of consultants and technology providers all of which have been vetted by the community and validated by its users.

Wolfvision Logo


WolfVision is a developer and manufacturer of innovative systems and services enabling efficient transfer of knowledge. Leading universities, businesses, and other organisations worldwide, use WolfVision Visualizer systems and the multi-functional Cynap collaboration and presentation solution, to optimise information handling and knowledge sharing throughout their organizations.

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Datapath Logo


Datapath is a leading innovator in the field of video graphics, video capture and video wall display technology. Providing video capture cards, graphics cards and multi-screen solutions.

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NCast Logo


NCast provides effective, scalable, and cost-effective methods for presenting rich content over IP networks. NCast technology is revolutionizing presentation streaming with open-standard products that offer automation, ease of use, accessibility, low cost of deployment, and scalability.

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Entropy Wave Logo

Entropy Wave

Entropy Wave is a San Francisco based company specializing in open video technology. Providing complete systems for video encoding and distribution to content producers and distributors, as well as a Gstreamer-based software media platform for application and embedded developers, Entropy Wave offers a range of solutions which enable customers benefit from the freedom and cost-effectiveness of open source and open video technology.

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Teltek Logo

Teltek Video Research

TELTEK Video Research provides​ “on premises” and cloud hosted solutions based on Opencast. TELTEK offers to combine Opencast with PuMuKIT (an Open Video oriented CMS) to build end-to-end Campus-wide video solutions.
The company has deep expertise on capture agents as well: TELTEK founded the open project Galicaster, a multi-stream capture agent massively used in Opencast deployments. TELTEK provides profesional services related with Galicaster and sells ready to deploy recorders based on Galicaster-PRO: a professional grade, greatly improved version of Galicaster.

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Extron Logo


Extron Electronics is a leading manufacturer of professional AV system integration products, including AV control systems, computer-video interfaces, switchers, matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, audio amplifiers, speakers, twisted pair and fiber optic equipment, videowall processors, video signal processors, AV streaming products, classroom sound field systems, and high resolution cable.

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Epiphan Logo


Epiphan provides a line of hardware audio video solutions to capture, synchronize, encode, record, stream and process multiple types of audio video events. Epiphan solutions are used in a wide range of applications such as audio video collaboration, distance learning, professional audio visual events, training, simulation, medical imaging, computing, industrial control rooms, security, and transportation applications, where capturing, processing, recording, sharing, and replaying multiple high resolution audio video sources are critical to effective communication.

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Arrive Logo


Arrive FacePoint is a turnkey, centrally managed video collaboration solution. It seamlessly integrates with existing video platforms from Microsoft, Cisco, Polycom and all mainstream web-based platforms such as Vidyo, Go-to-Meeting, Zoom, and Fuze. Arrive provides a full range of displays, cameras and microphones – we integrate with all leading industry manufacturers.

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Cabletime Logo


Cabletime is the leading manufacturer in IPTV, Streaming and Digital Signage, designing products that provide innovative media distribution systems for organizations of every kind, across the world. The MediaStar suite of products has been developed to manage, communicate and display any organization’s visual messages to the right people at the right time.

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