Customizable to your requirements

Opencast is a solution that’s completely customizable to address the unique needs and technology requirements for any organization. In distribution, for example, you can select from a number of players, target different LMS or CMS, YouTube or even use OAI-PMH to build your own distribution platform.

Adapt Opencast to institutional needs

Opencast is free and open source software, so anybody is allowed to modify the software without any further permission. The Apache-style Educational Community License (ECL) 2.0 allows for companies to market their enhancements, thus enabling you to buy where others might build themselves.

But even without development skills Opencast is customizeable to a very high degree. The workflows, in which uploaded media is processed, are not hard coded, but can be adapted by an administrator to fit the organisational needs. Operations can be removed, new operations can be added, the encoding parameters can be changed, or even new parameters that will only be used on certain recordings can be added. The same goes for the admin UI and the player with plugins and config parameters; Opencast 2.0 allows for the standard language to be changed.