Built by the Community for the Community

Learn and collaborate with leading organizations and universities worldwide. Opencast helps you build custom video capture solutions.


Opencast is an open source technology built by a community of innovators worldwide. Leveraging Opencast as your video capture solution gives you access to a community of users and enables you to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the space. New features are continuously deployed and community members benefit from the learnings of their peers.

Integrates with Current Technology

Opencast integrates seamlessly with all your current technology and hardware, so investment in costly hardware is unnecessary. As you update your technology and systems, Opencast will continue to support a best in class process and user experience.

Customizable to your requirements

Opencast is a solution that’s completely customizable to address the unique needs and technology requirements for any organization. In distribution, for example, you can select from a number of players, target different LMS or CMS, YouTube or even use OAI-PMH to build your own distribution platform.

Built to scale

Every institution is different and Opencast is built to handle a wide variety of needs. Our software can be built on almost any server infrastructure. A small college will be fine with a single server setup, while other institutions need multiple servers working together to serve more than a thousand recordings each week.

Built and trusted by leading universities. And others.

Opencast is a versatile solution for video management trusted and advanced by leading academic innovators. And carried by a community to collectively support and drive these efforts.

See why leading organizations chose Opencast.

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